Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Darklight '08 Update: The Budda Bag YouTube Salon Needs YOU!

The Budda Bag YouTube Salon returns to this year's Darklight by popular demand...

To put it simply: its DJing with YouTube.

And we're looking for participants.

The BUDDA BAG YOUTUBE SALON is set up for any user to vision mix between streaming YouTube videos. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase your own favourite online videos and an excuse to express yourself through the creation of a live mashup of audio and video, creating and rearranging works into a live video stream controlled by a single user that evades
rational analysis, but allowing subtle new meanings emerging from the chaos of Youtube's immense video library. The YOUTUBE salon is an experiment in a communal screening environment inspired by Web 2.0 (user controlled content), and might be a hint of how we enjoy our social cinema time in the future.


The salon will be set up much like any other screening room- one screen and an audience. The difference is that what appears on the screen will be streamed live over the internet from the YouTube video hosting website. Which videos are to be streamed are chosen by the participants, who will each be given a 30minute slot to show off their chosen videos. The participants will use a simple setup of three computers with outputs going through a vision mixer. The participant can then play one video, or one mixed with another while queuing up another.

Each participant will be allowed a 30 minute time slot to show their YouTube videos. Each YouTube video should be fullscreened before playing. You may use the YouTube salon to show off your videos, or you can go crazy and mix videos up into a neverending mashup of audiovisual madness. The YouTube salon would especially suit DJs and visual artists with an interest in nu-media and technology.

You can practice at home with your own computer and a broadband connection. Simply open up three browser windows, and point them all to YouTube. Start playing videos in each window, adjusting the volume of each to draw attention to each one.
Start clicking on random and not so random videos, throwing chaos into the mix. Begin to discover co-incidences and subtle hidden meanings. What you should have is a preview of the possibilites of the YouTube mashup.

email sinead at darklight dot ie to sign up for a slot TODAY!
Festival takes place 26st-29th June 2008

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