Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forum 2. The Evolution of Short Film

Download and listen to The Evolution of Short Film: From Production to Distribution, Networked Communities Consuming Culture. This was Forum 2 at the Darklight 2007 Symposium and took place at Filmbase from 1.30 - 2.45pm on the 22nd of June 2007.


There are now a proliferation of alternative distribution avenues, what began with MMORPGs (e.g.World of Warcraft) has evolved into communities like Second Life, Youtube is having a huge impact on the availability of TV and film productions as well as user generated productions. Is this where culture is finding new audiences?

We will discuss the pros and cons surrounding publishing and distribution of short film that both established and emerging digital environments provide.

How has short film evolved as an artform in recent times, responding to digital production methods, desktop movie making, interactive narrative, access to audiences through networked communities and downloads, in terms of narrative content and creative practice? Are we seeing an end to the “calling card” type of short, are short films defining new genres?

How does this impact creative writing, shorter shorts, interactive narrative, what is the role of the writer in interactive media, game writing. What is expected of ‘content producers’ in 2007? Does this catchall term of the past 10 years reflect an attitude towards creative process and are we now seeing the emergence of a more curated network?

We will ask a number of short filmmakers, writers, curators and distributors to respond to these questions.

Discussion led by Nicky Gogan, Director Darklight Festival


Chris Shepherd - Animator and filmmaker

Philip Ilson - Director of Halloween Short Film Festival, progammer for the London Film Festival and Animate!

Andrew Keogh - Filmmaker with Western Plumbers (formerly Dogmedia Productions)

Kevin Flanagan - Visual Artist and Curator

Chris O' Hearn - Babelgum

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