Saturday, June 23, 2007

Darklight 2007 Forum 1: TELEVISION 2.0 The Future of TV

Download and listen to the Television 2.0 - The Future of TV. This was Forum 1 at the Darklight 2007 Symposium and took place at Filmbase from 10 to 11:30am on the 22ns of June 2007.

Steve McCormack of Wildwave led the panel discussion which included:

Sheila De Courcy - RTÉ Young Peoples Programme

Campbell Scott - Director of Consumer Solutions, Eircom

Karl Ahern - Head of TV and Video, O2 Ireland.

Chris O Hearne - Babelgum

This forum investigates the impact of; Digital TV (satellite, Cable, DTT), Mobile TV (DVB-H, MMBS, DAB etc.), Interactive Mobile TV, IPTV and the next generation set top boxes. What is an IPTV application? (BT Home, Joost, Babelgum) What happens when Telcos become broadcasters? How does advertising work in On Demand scenario? How are the film and TV industries responding to the challenge? (alliance Atlantis on Joost)

Don't forget to visit for more information about the entire festival which is still taking place.

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At 24/6/07 15:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wondering if there is any recording of the machinima session later that day?

At 25/6/07 13:55, Blogger Jessie Ward said...

We will be Podcasting all talks and Workshops that took place over the weekend. We should be releasing a new Podcast everyday over the coming weeks.

At 25/6/07 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Link not working.

At 26/6/07 17:40, Anonymous DC@IADT said...

Well done to ALL the Darklight team. I really enjoyed the Friday sessions and workshops. I couldn't make it in on Saturday but I'm looking forward to listening or viewing the vidcasts or podcasts of all the sessions when they are available.
I really liked the design and layout of the Forum venue and it should look great on video. The lunch grub in the Filmbase cafe was great also.
Well done again,Denis from DLIADT.

At 29/6/07 15:23, Blogger Jessie Ward said...

Sorry about that, the link should be working now.


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