Saturday, June 23, 2007

Darklight 2007 Launch and D.A.T.A.

Download and listen to the coverage of the Darklight 2007 Symposium launch & DATA group meeting.

The launch and DATA meeting took place Thursday evening, the 21st of June and included speeches from Nicky Gogan, director of the Darklight Festival, as well as works from:

Benjamin Gaulon -

John Buckey and David Walker - The Kingdom

Paul Makepeace -

plus more:

The Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) is an exciting informal forum for artists, technologists, musicians, and academia to promote, explore, discuss, and exhibit art and technology in Ireland and the world. After successful monthly events (with over 100+ attendees each time) above the Stags Head Pub in Dublin, an "Electronics for Artists Workshop" and an expanding emailing-list and website, the group has showcased a large body of work including videos and interactive works by Dublin collective Delicious Nine, Eamon Doyle's interactive musical car "Datsincredible", NYC artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Dublin-based artist Anna Hill's space project "Space Synapse", audio/visual artist Tim Redfern, and musical performances by Dennis McNulty (DECAL), Connor Curran (, and Philip Stewart.

Don't forget to visit for more information about the entire festival. There are a lot more podcasts and videos to come... so keep watching this space!

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