Friday, September 29, 2006

WildLight Channel nominated at Cannes Festival

WildLight Channel nominated at Mipcom Mobile TV Awards 27/09/06

Dublin, Ireland - The Wildlight Channel, an Irish based made-for-mobile short film channel, has been nominated for Best Mobile TV channel at the 2006 Mobile TV Awards to be held at the annual Mipcom event in Cannes on October 11th 2006.

The WildLight Channel showcases fresh and original short-form film content from around the world. The channel features animations and live-action shorts that are particularly suited to small screens and a mobile audience. The Channel launched in 2005 and is one of the longest running and largest channels of its type in the world. The service is currently available on cell-phones via Vodafone Ireland and on carriers in Canada, Malaysia and Germany. The WildLight Channel is a joint venture between
Wildwave, a leading provider of mobile digital entertainment and Darklight Film Festival, a pioneer in digital film.

The WildLight Channel has an impressive catalogue of films from leading distributors and filmmakers from around the world. The Channel provides a mix of local and international films in each territory. In Ireland, the channel, which is featured on Vodafone Live!, has a special focus on Irish-made Films and showcases the best of Irish filmmaking talent via partnerships with The Irish Film Board, Network Television Ireland, Monster Distributes, Del9, DADDY and Lovely Productions.

"We are delighted to be nominated for this major award. It gives recognition to the amazing progress that the WildLight Channel has made in just a year and will add to the momentum of our International roll out." says Stephen McCormack, CEO of Wildwave and Chairman of the Wildlight Channel, "This nomination also validates our strategy of providing compelling content that connects with the mobile audience. The success of WildLight proves that there is a demand for innovative and entertaining
mobile content that people can relate to and proves that there is life beyond pale mobile imitations of regular TV. This medium will be defined by its ability to tell stories to this new audience" he adds.

The service on Vodafone live! In Ireland provides an ever-changing selection of the best and most entertaining cutting-edge short film and includes "Give up Yer Aul Sins" by Brown Bag Films, "Nun Fight Club" by Declan DeBarra, "50% Grey" by Ruairi Robinson/Zanita Films and "SPOT" by James Doherty.
The Films are priced on a pay per download basis or via a €2.99 per month subscription.

This is the second nomination for the WildLight Channel this year, in January WildLight won the Award for best mobile content at the Irish Digital Media Awards. The Wildlight Channel is also developing its brand across multiple mobile media devices and digital delivery platforms to become a true multiplatform channel and has recently signed deals with Sony Connect and Google Video to expand the reach of the channel. For further information please contact:

Stephen McCormack,
CEO, Wildwave
Cell: +353.86.2430076
Los Angeles: +1.310.396.6998
Dublin: +353.1.7071919

Jessie Ward,
Programming & Acquisitions,
The WildLight Channel,
69 Dame Street,
Dublin 2. Ireland.

About Wildwave
Wildwave produces, distributes and delivers Multiplatform Entertainment and Sports content for the Web, Mobile, PSP. IPod and other digital delivery platforms.

Wildwave?s operations and distribution network spans Europe, North America and Asia. Wildwave?s clients include Vodafone, Telus, Astro, Maxis, O2, Sony and Google

Sample Mobile Channels and made for mobile programs include havocTV Mobile, POPCORN, 3Star Entertainment, Road to Germany for FIFA World Cup 2006 and The Wildlight Channel.

Content partners include, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, UIP, Havoc Television, Alpha Mom, MediaCorp Singapore, Setanta Media, Instantania Media, Raiga, Irish Film Board, Breakthru Films, Dazzle Films, Network Television Ireland, Brown Bag, Monster Distributes.

For Mobile Carriers, Device Manufacturers and Video networks. Wildwave provides compelling content for an ever-changing and evolving digital marketplace.

For TV, Film ,Music and Sport content and rights holders, Wildwave helps develop existing content assets for mobile devices & markets and exploit distribution opportunities in US, Europe and Asia.

About Darklight Film Festival
Darklight was established in 1998 with a primary aim to present the work of rising talent in filmmaking, video, graphic design, post-production, art, music and animation.

Darklight screens a selection of International and home produced work and is accompanied by an exhibition, which provided space for non-projectable digital work, video installations and computer-aided interactive productions.

Darklight aims to promote and nurture the cross disciplines that encompass digital work including film, animation, music, projection, interactive work & imaging.

Established media companies and small innovative firms alike are responding to the rapid growth of Mobile TV and video services by producing content especially made for mobile devices. The MIPCOM Mobile TV Screenings & Awards recognise outstanding achievement in mobile film and
video content as well as honouring innovation in new Mobile TV formats. This year, we've received entries from lots of new companies from all over the world, and we were especially impressed with the quantity and quality of the Asian entries, compared to last year. We saw a wider variety of genres, and new approaches this year coming from both existing well-known entertainment companies as well as new ones. It is clear that the world's creative community is hard at work, innovating new formats for the mobile medium and a lively mobile content market is in the making.

The winners will be unveiled at the Awards ceremony, held on 11 October 2006, in Cannes' Palais des Festivals.


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