Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Darklight Symposium Podcast - Prof. Barry Vercoe

We've added Podcast audio clips of the Darklight Symposium which took place on October 28th this year.

The First audio clip is Professor Barry Vercoe

After a pleasantly musical opening, Prof. Vercoe discussed the motion of the evolving audio industry, and how the evolving technologies will shape the future of how not just how we will listen to music, but how we will buy it, how we will find it and even how we will play it, as well as the implications such ventures would have for the industry as it currently stands and other media.

Prof. Vercoe's main emphasis was on the speed at which the industry of 'push' - the more tradtional means of accessing music, such as CDs, shops and all the means we are used to - and 'pull' - the new means, such as downloading, p2p technologies and mp3s - are converging, and the necessity of understanding the use and power such a notion can hold.

There is a summary of Prof. Vercoe's presentation in the blog below.


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