Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pocket Movies Challenge Winners Announced

Irish Movie Makers take the top honours!

The inaugural Nokia Darklight Pocket Movie Challenge has been won by Irish film-makers. Lorcan Finnegan and Ray Mongey were respectively awarded the top prizes in the professional and newcomer categories. Over 200 films from more than 10 countries were entered during the one month challenge, with representations in a wide variety of genres.

Lorcan Finnegan's production, "Changes", is a creative mix of illustration, photography and live-action that tells the story of two caterpillars wildly in love embarking on a journey of change.

Ray Mongey's animation, "A little closer to home", tells the story of a couple who are separated for the summer and how technology can make us feel a little closer to home.

Lorcan and Ray win prize money of 3000Euro and 1000Euro respectively. And both get an exclusive mobile distribution deal through the Wildlight Channel launched earlier this year ! So you can download their winning titles to your mobile phone!* Visit www.wildlight.tv for details. >>

* Network charges may apply.


Professional Category:

Sometimes, by Pleix – a work on dynamic energy's destruction. The origin of the project combines both the horrible events of September 11 and also the explosion scene in “Zabriskie Point”, a Michelangelo Antonioni film.

No Spoon by Jan Cilliers de Wet – a surreal animation where the main character Jasper gets a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and gets to fix it in a pretty bizarre way.

Newcomer Category:

Evil Fun with Zimmy by Andy Sykes – a flash animation about childhood experiences

Nun Fight Club by Declan de Barra – an animation that sees A group of nuns gather in a basement on a Friday night to drink tea, eat scones and re-enact scenes from a well known movie .

Jackie Brannigan of Nokia Ireland said, “We are delighted with the overwhelming response of high-quality entries received for the inaugural Nokia Darklight Pocket Movie Challenge. Digital convergence will bring mobile devices, Internet content, music, email, TV and films together. And we are delighted to be encouraging the creation of high quality content for mobile phone users.”

Visit the Nokia site to view the winners and all 20 final shortlist movies at Pocket Movie Challenge >> Nokia.ie


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