Friday, October 28, 2005

Steve McCormack and the Modern Communications

Steve McCormack joined the proceedings to discuss the emerging and increasingly popular methods of communication and interaction opened up by the internet, breaking his discussion up into six easy-to-follow sections, as a primer for the n00bs and a refresher for the old hands.

1. Blogging - Why do people blog? What started out as a simple way for the common man to have a website, share links and goings-on with their friends has become an industry in itself, as corporate blogs emerged to share mission statements and brochures, while others became recognised enough to actively alter, expose and control public policies.
2. Podcasting - The audioblog. Anyone with a microphone and something to say can load their mp3 online, have it caught by an RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) Feed and dowloaded straight into your computer and or iPod. The format has been popularised by Apple and iTunes, and have become the new indie radio.
3. Web 2.0 - A term given to the new community-driven websites in which friends can interact easily, be they near or far apart - sites such as My Space, Flickr and Friendster. The sites are seemingly in permanent states of "Beta" development, which likely means they will always be worked upon and improved.
4. Web TV - Does exactly what it says on the tin, and now finally feasible as bandwidth and download speeds are less of an issue. Such sites include the daily alternative news show Rocketboom, iFilms and mania TV.
5. The Long Tail of Online Stores - While regular stores are limited by shelf space, and as a result the amount of stock they can carry, online stores have an infinite theoretical shelf space, and as a result can offer a far greater range of stock. The result is more obscure titles and works can become readily available, and profits are no longer limited to the more mainstream titles and hit-driven economy of old.
6. Mobile Videos - The slowly burgeoning range of mobile devices which bear visual fruits, be it a phone or iPod or PSP, whether you want to watch Lost or Kung Fu Hustle.

The Q&A has been delayed until the laster panel.


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