Friday, October 28, 2005

The start of a beautiful friendship...

The Darklight Symposium is about to begin, but not everyone iss going to be here. But hope is not yet lost: if you would like to listen in, you can get a stream by downloading Streamer P2P from and install it - the URL is the remarkably straightforward!

Then search for the Darklight broadcast, right click and select "listen".

Highlights, questions and commentaries will of course follow here as the words are verily spoken, so don't forget if join in the discussion , email us and let the party begin!

A big up and many thanks to Indymedia Ireland for helping this to happen.


At 28/10/05 11:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

downloaded streamerp2p and tried to listen to Darklight but surprise surprise the live stream isn't working.

Big up for the effort tho

At 28/10/05 12:12, Blogger Brian Caffrey said...

It's recording now and definitely should be going through - hopefully it was just a brief snag.

At 29/10/05 14:39, Blogger dunkdonkey said...

hello darklight
just put images up from yesterdays streaming activites, and of the second node in the network; dublin social centre, seomra spraoi
images from the streaming day

some argument arouse, as you can read

dunk, maybe part of imc-ie collective?


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