Friday, October 28, 2005

The Panel 2 - Tim Forde

Present in place of Linda Doyle, who was unfortunately unable to attend, Mr Forde discussed the nature of Ad Hoc (or self-configuring) Networks. A newer form, they require an alternate infrastructure to what's in place currently. Whereas existings systems are hierarchial and high cost with the users present solely at the end, Ad Hoc networks are composed of various technologies - TVs, computers, mobiles, etc. Far more flexible, they are designed to be mobile, thanks to wireless technology which is quickly increasing in quaity and range, to say nothing of a standardised international charge rate (unlikely the fudged standards of 3G). The absence of central control is relaced by a distributed decision making system, with each user allowed input.` The main joy, Mr Forde concluded on, is that it's a DIY effort - the network is yours, and you no longer need to depend on an inferior ISP.


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