Friday, October 28, 2005

The Panel 2: Dr Anne O'Connor

Dr O'Connor was present to discuss the implications of new media for the IPUs (Independent Production Units), as RTE are required to spend a minimum amount therein. Circling around the notion of the digital home, we're faced with a multiplicity of methods of entertainment, a diversity which RTE must ultimately strive to serve, as a public service broadcaster, a factor strengthened by EU legislation. Dr O'Connor took us down along memory lane, from the early days of formation as Raidio Eireann in 1926 to the inclusion of television in 1966, the inevitable website, and that now RTE is gearing up to meet the new paradigm of self-personalisable content-on-demand. Dr O'Connor also shared information on the World Telecommunications Conference which will define the requirements RTE must match to meet international standards, while also breaking down RTE's plans for their existing and impending platforms, particularly the coming of 3G, DVB-H, digital TV & Radio, High Definition TV and podcasting (which is starting next month). Dr O'Connor closed by psing the question of what we, the public, think.


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