Friday, October 28, 2005

The Panel 2: Alan Toner

Tying into earlier discussions, Mr Toner returned to the notion of p2p file sharing and internet broadcasts. He warned that even approaching from a non-commercial POV, one must keep an eye on costs, or risk losing their work. He discussed three essential criteria for networks and content: first, producing a competitive piece of media; second, robustness in case of technical failure and legal attack; third, availability.

The solutions developed have ironically come from the world of piracy. p2p has allowed for a grassroots movement of video distribution to sprout up through New Global Visions, particularly useful for people trying to find specific information files. E-Donkey is another superior program for such downloading, due to ensuring a persistent network presence. NGV has also made a big push in the Creative Commons, with over 150 films free and ready to download, in five languages, as well as numerous links to public domain materials and films. Emphasis was also placed on V2V, as a resource for incomplete projects which can be shared and re-edited.

He finished by echoing previous speakers hopes that although we hear continually about people using p2p being prosecuted, we're headed to a turning point where the conglomerates will adapt the system and it will eventually become the norm.


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