Friday, October 28, 2005

The Panel 1 Q&A

Q. How would the advertising companies enter into the likes of video blogging, torrenting and the like?

Steve McCormack: You're never going to get away from advertising. With v-blogging, the easiest way is to get a sponsor for example. It doesn't have to be an evil corporation - it can be a local coffee shop with WiFi. At the end of the day, everyone needs funding, and they will always find a way to get the ads in, in different forms.

Q. Why should someone bother to deal with a distributor when they can do it themselves with Bittorrent?

Michael McMahon: There's no reason you shouldn't. The easiest form of funding in the media is usually sponsorship and advertising. You need to have extremely compelling content to get people putting their hands in their pocket, but sponsorship is often easier to come by. It's one solution

Q. What do we stand to lose with the current growth of digital television?
Maeve Connolly: We;ve been seeing the audiences breaking up into niches for some time now, and the beauty of a broadcasting model that is diverse is that they'll find surprising new things they might not otherwise have had access to. What we may lose is that chance encounter, in favour of knowing the range and diversity.


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