Friday, October 28, 2005

Be curious and curiouser

PANEL 2: ISSUES FOR DISTRIBUTION is starting up in a few minutes - why not post a question and see it answered through The Power of Technology, Progress and Thar Intarwebs, Yo?

In case your whistle needs whetting, we will have Dr. Anne O'Connor, (Special Adviser to the Director General at RTE), Dr. Linda Doyle, (PHD lecturer Trinity College Dublin), Alan Toner, a man whose work has focussed on leveraging p2p technologies such as Bit Torrent and eDonkey to enable distribution production of critical audio-visual works on sites such as V2V, and returning for an encore from their rockstar performances this morning, Prof. Barry Vercoe and Benjamin Mako Hill, all of whom will be chaired by Prof. Marie Redmond, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin & Course Director of the MSc Multimedia Systems programme.


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